The terms training, consulting and coaching are often used synonymously. However, they differ greatly.

KMW's training programs concentrate on the development of a specific skill. For example, A advises B, creating specific steps to reach goal C. A then trains B until B reaches his or her desired skill level- in the areas of:

  • handling journalists from print, radio and TV
  • camera training for management
  • camera training for new anchorpeople
  • PR- crises management
  • writing press reports
  • creative writing

Consulting involves an expert with years of experience and detailed knowledge of the industry advising a manager on a specific problem, regardless of the client's personality. This only works for industries dealing with laws and/or figures (accountants, lawyers).

Coaching always includes the emotional component of human interactions. Therefore, a worthy Coach would never dictate a Coachee's actions, because what may be the best solution for the Coach is not necessarily the best solution for the Coachee. Different people have different abilities and strengths. First and foremost, the Coach acts as a mirror. Through the coaching process, he or she helps the Coachee in bringing the optimal solution to light. Psychological tools are therefore absolutely necessary.

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